Managing Director


It has been 6 years since we embarked upon this exciting journey of providing world class services. I remember how we had only a handful of employees when we first began and today I am proud to share that Xnet employs over 750 people dedicatedly working with us.

Our growth has been a direct result of a diligent team with a remarkable track record and generous clients. So far we are blessed to work with clients who have put their faith in our company and I would like to express my gratitude to them and promise that we shall strive to strengthen this alliance.

Our management team is doing a fantastic job looking for ways to elevate our business by refining work procedures, constantly improving customer service and putting new systems in place. The employees continue to exceed expectations with their performance and the closely monitored recruitment has made it possible to build a team that works in synergy to bring in best results the outcome of which being – happy and satisfied clients.

Xnet is a family of people who care for one another and trust in the organization’s core values and work philosophy. It is of utmost importance for us to be in a position that makes us the preferred service provider and business partner for our targeted clientele. And to achieve this, we shall continue pushing our boundaries, delivering excellent results thereby building a strong brand presence in this industry.

Mr.Ganesh Bhavar

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